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Welcome to my site.

The intention of these pages is to provide prospective employers with information about myself. To achieve this goal, this site hosts my resume, profile, and details regarding my ongoing projects.

Along with these offerings, there is a download section offering fun videos and select files related to my projects. At some point in the near future, I plan to start an open source project to share with the community.

Thank you for visiting.

CompTIA A+ Certification CompTIA Network+ Certification
Microsoft Certified Professional Certification        Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Certification        Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certification

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  • Current Project

    I am writing a new C# program.

    Follow the chicken to learn more about it.

    Current Project

  • CDS Product Released

    CDS has released a new Database Management System for Windows.

    Visit its project page for details.

Contact: Robert Coy

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